Splash Colors Everywhere With The Free Coloring Pages

With the upcoming situation of the world around us, there has been a dearth in knack for painting and culture by the kids. In order to install the aesthetic sense regarding tradition and culture in your child’s mind, provide free coloring pages to them. These online color pages are absolutely free that will induce in your child a magnificent sense of mix and match in color and its collaborations. Coloring pages are available on various themes. You are benefitted with printouts of those sketches without or without the color.

Themes of free coloring pages

These easily approachable online based free coloring pages come up with innumerable themes, that is, you can get your son or daughter engaged for a while in their favorite picture. Go through the list below:

  • Animals – all sorts of animals starting from herbivorous to omnivorous to all through the African jungles leading to wild animals, you get a full bouquet of all creatures.
  • Festivities – different festivals like the Holy Christmas, Onam, New Year, etc. are represented in sketch formats. All you need to do is to fill these sketches with vibrant colors.
  • Dinosaur – dinosaur sketches are drawn partly, like, the skull, the limbs, etc. Also drawings both for pro and novice are available here.
  • Dragon – same thing applies to dragon pictures. Also dragon masks are a new addition here. There are points made which, when joined with the help of lines will give you the apparent shape of a dragon.


Along with kids coloring pages there are some other attractive free offers. DIY techniques or ‘Do It Yourself’ hacks are freely available here without any extra charges. Again, art related procedures and mannerisms are given in a detailed format. It is necessary to have a clear idea about the basics of art and coloring. Therefore, it isn’t that easy as much easy and relaxing it seems to be.

So, isn’t it fun to get so much in one go? As parents, help your toddlers to bring out their artistic self. Try to explore more within your child’s psychology, their likes and dislikes, their fondness, their tastes and their affinity towards their passion. And, in order to know all these regarding your kids, spend more quality time with them having free coloring pages in hand. 

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